What is OutBid?

OutBid is a silent-auction software designed and developed by Smudge Apps to simplify the silent auction process and generate greater revenues at events.

Who is OutBid designed for?

Anyone who has a requirement for a silent auction and wants to generate greater revenue using market-leading technology. It is perfect all sizes of events; from small dinner with 12 people through to gala events with thousands of people. It is also possible to run a silent auction for people in different locations through online-only fundraisers, thanks to the digital nature of OutBid.

How do people register for our OutBid silent auction?

Two options are available for your event:

  • Bidders can download OutBid from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store before or during the events. Then they simply find your auction, enter your unique code and begin the bidding competition. 
  • Roaming iPads can be used by volunteers to use throughout the event as well. These are perfect for the small number of people that require assistance with the OutBid process. Volunteers simply place the bids on the behalf of the bidders and those people will be notified via SMS when they have been outbid.

Are the apps free?

Yes, the apps are free and available to download on both iOS and Android devices

Are my guests required to download the app?

No, however, we strongly encourage that they do and we're sure that they will want to! The OutBid app is easy to use for people of all ages. We understand that not everyone will have the best understanding of how to use apps, and for this reason, we have made the process of placing a bid extremely easy for all of your guests. If guests aren't able to download OutBid, they can place bids using the roaming iPad.

Do you provide onsite support at the event?

We do have this option, however, we also provide comprehensive training beforehand to make sure that you are ready on auction day. OutBid has been designed to be a simple-to-use service that doesn't require onsite support. If you would prefer to have an OutBid representative at your event to assist in any way that you require, we are more than happy to offer this service.

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